Women Build 2020

 Female community leaders coming together to sponsor and build a home

Build dates: April 17 - June 27

By donating a minimum $1,000 “Pay-to-Play” sponsorship you will secure one volunteer shift for up to ten people. We offer two choices for your shift from 8:00 am - Noon or Noon - 4:00 pm. Higher level sponsors will be offered additional build shifts along with maximum visibility across multiple media channels.


Each team must have a Team Leader that contacts Habitat’s Volunteer Services Manager, LaManda Bowers (lbowers@habitatofcleveland.org) to submit the name of your team and pay a $100 team deposit to reserve your build date. Once this has been completed, each volunteer must register individually using the link below. Each team member must also pay their $100 Pay-to-Play fee after registering.

*Please email LaManda Bowers the Team Name before registering in order to keep the process as smooth as possible.*

Amanda Moore Family

Amanda Moore Family

Born and raised in Cleveland, Amanda Moore is an outgoing and hard working 32-year old. She is a single mother of her three beautiful children Jakia Young, Johnathan Walker Jr., and Amontay Walker.

Amanda loves her job at Bradley Medical Equipment as the intake coordinator. She has always wanted to be a veterinarian, but is happy with her current job.

Amanda's ten-year old daughter, Jakia, is spunky, outgoing, smart, and loves sports and hanging out with friends. Johnathan Walker Jr. is a laid-back, independent four-year old, and Amontay, age two, is rambunctious and curious about everything. Amanda is proud of her children and loves spending time with them outdoors, especially in the summer when they go to the river.

Amanda and the boys currently live in a home with poor electrical wiring, soft floors that feel as if they could fall through, and a leaking roof. She's had a tree down in her backyard for a year and she can't mow around it. Their neighborhood also feels unsafe, with police constantly patrolling the street and illegal activities taking place nearby. Amanda believes her children deserve to grow up somewhere where they can go outside without being afraid. She tells them, "It's going to get better. I promise." Providing a safe and peaceful environment for her children in a home that they can call their own would mean the world to her.

Current homeowner, Felecia Kelley, told Amanda about Habitat. Amanda was intrigued by the program and heard that Habitat truly cares about the families they help. She applied and was accepted. Amanda is now working sweat equity hours to reach home ownership. Her boss and co-workers are very supportive of her efforts in the Habitat program. They hope to bring staff out for a team build day and help Amanda construct her home.

It means a lot to Amanda that her money is going toward something she will own one day and can enjoy for years to come. Additionally, she loves that the work she puts in helps Habitat give back to other families in the community.

As a single parent, Amanda is determined to learn all she can in this process to ensure a bright future for her children and herself. She says, "I want things to be better for my kids and to show them that it's possible to do anything." She is very excited to soon have a home of her own, where her family can flourish and excel.


Each team member must pay a $100 Pay-to-Play fee that goes back into funding the construction of the two homes Women Build teams will be building. This is a unique volunteer experience because Women Build teams are building the two homes from start to finish through their donation of hours on-site AND their 100 donation. Each team’s donation will purchase construction materials necessary to build both homes. Teams can also be sponsored for $1,000 per team. The sponsoring business or individual will receive sponsorship benefits for this donation! Total team fee or sponsorship of $1,000 is due two weeks before build day.


For More Information Or To Schedule A Volunteer Date, Contact:

LaManda Bowers, Volunteer Services Manager, at 423-476-6947 Ext. 202 or lbowers@habitatofcleveland.org