Leaders Build

Community and business leaders step “out of the boardroom” and on to the construction site

Build dates: May 28 - August 7

May 28, 2020 is the Leaders Build Publicity Day, a fun day of comradery and networking among leaders, while building Kyle and Kelly Mulcahy’s home. Every individual that participates on this day, donates a minimum of $1,000 and receives a t-shirt, Habitat gift, lunch, publicity in multiple media channels and much more.

In addition, by donating a minimum $1,000 “Pay-to-Play” sponsorship you will secure one volunteer shift for up to ten people. We offer two choices for your shift from 8:00 am - Noon or Noon - 4:00 pm. Higher level sponsors will be offered additional build shifts along with maximum visibility across multiple media channels.


You can register a team to volunteer on a build day for the Leaders Build. Each team must have a Team Leader that contacts Habitat’s Volunteer Services Manager, LaManda Bowers (lbowers@habitatofcleveland.org) to submit the name of your team. Once your build day is reserved, each volunteer must register individually using the link below.

*Please email LaManda Bowers the Team Name before registering in order to keep the process as smooth as possible.*

The Mulcahy Family

The Mulcahy Family

The Mulcahy’s hope to reach common goals of most families, like paying off debts, staying debt free and owning their own home. To realize those goals, Kyle Mulcahy, and his wife Kelly, know that if you want something in life you must invest hard work. The Mulcahy family also wants to achieve these goals for their three daughters, Aurora, Athena and Amelia.

Kyle works at MCA of Chattanooga as a Technical Services Representative and his dream job is to become an IT security analyst.Kelly is primarily a homemaker, but is starting a career in real estate. Although she loves being a stay-at-home mom, she hopes one day to have a part-time real estate agency.

For now with only one income and the cost of raising three energetic daughters, it has been difficult to make ends meet. They live in what could be described as an overcrowded space, with one bedroom for their family of five, and it was difficult to even imagine home ownership. However, the Mulcahy family was given a large glimmer of hope when they heard about the Habitat for Humanity program through Kyle’s cousin who is a Habitat homeowner.

Soon after hearing about the program, the Mulcahy family applied and have persevered with ambition to realize their long-term goals. The Be Smart About Money classes have been very helpful, and they've invested the "sweat equity" hours to learn how to budget their income wisely.

In addition to a willingness to work hard, Kyle is incorporating another asset, a servant’s heart. “I caught myself praying for a servant’s heart,” he said, “which is a great thing because, when we die God should be able to say, 'Well done, my good and faithful servant.'" Kyle is also investing time working at Habitat’s Restore. “The Restore hours are great, and it is a humbling feeling to know that you are not just helping yourself, but others as well,” he said.

The Mulcahys now have a clear vision of the goal of home ownership and financial freedom. They look forward to a peaceful home, having their own space and as Kelly says, "paying adult bills." Kyle adds, "I want this home for myself, but I think I want it more for my wife." The love of this family is obvious, and they are excited about making friends and building relationships in their new home in Cleveland.