Whirlpool Sponsors and Builds with Habitat

Whirlpool joined Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland’s Women Build initiative as a title sponsor. Additionally, Whirlpool had two teams of female employees build on the construction site. These teams built on April 22 and will build again on April 29. "We feel fortunate to work and live in a community where volunteerism is alive and well,” said Cindy Slater, Human Resource Lead at Whirlpool. “We consider it an honor to play a small role in helping someone see their dreams come true in becoming a home owner.”

Whirlpool Corporation is the largest global partner of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI). Whirlpool’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity is based around inspiring employees, partners and consumers to build lives through Habitat’s life-enriching program. Every Home … Everywhere, with Pride, Passion, and Performance - these are the hallmarks of the company.

The partnership began in 1999 when Whirlpool Corporation partnered with HFHI by donating a refrigerator and a range to every Habitat home built in North America during that year. In 2000, Whirlpool became the first Cornerstone Partner of Habitat for Humanity by committing $25 million in product through 2005 – today’s commitment nears $90 million.  Beyond donations, Whirlpool has sold at discounts more than 30,000 appliances to Habitat affiliates and families.

Whirlpool has helped open many doors for Habitat for Humanity including: being a leading sponsor at the Jimmy Carter Work Project for the last six years; bringing many important trade partners to begin supporting HFHI (most notably Lowe’s Companies who following their experience with Whirlpool, partnered to support HFHI at $2 million per year); and helping HFHI solidify additional partnerships such as Valspar Paints’ $15 million sponsorship.

The female employees building from Whirlpool are: Cindy Slater (Team Leader), Joy Bolton, Phyllis Daniels, Lisa Gibson, Madeline Hying, Melissa Janke, Tynia Keith, Angie Leamon, Sherrell Maples, Darlene Ownbey, Elizabeth Rainwater, Carley Spurling, Penny Walker and April Willis.