Volunteer Spotlight: Danny Britt

Danny Britt has been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland since 2003. Danny just happened to go on the construction site when the members of the Regular Construction Crew were building Habitat home number 37 on Oak Tree Lane. It was during that build that Don Rollens, Danny’s good friend and fellow volunteer, talked him into volunteering. “The instant I met Danny there was something about him that I loved,” said LaManda Bowers, Volunteer Services Manager. “Danny is such a pillar for our affiliate. His warm smile is met with compassion and dedicated hands. He is devoted to building homes, providing leadership, and using his wisdom and insight to better Habitat for Humanity. It's people like Danny, who put compassion into action, that make our world a little brighter.”

Danny is from Mississippi and worked for the USDA Forest Service for 36 years. With the USDA Forest Service, Danny has worked in California, Georgia, Tennessee, and Louisiana where he ended up retiring in 1998. He and his family lived in Cleveland for a short time in the 1980's, and then they decided to move to Cleveland permanently in 2002.

Danny said he loves volunteering because it provides him with the opportunity to work with old friends and new friends to accomplish something great. “And that great accomplishment is a house that you helped build that will benefit a local family,” said Danny.

When asked what his favorite project or memory was, Danny said there are many favorite projects and memories! However, Danny said the most memorable project he has been involved in was helping to build Habitat’s 100th home in Century Village neighborhood. He said working on the build and being a part of the festivities that took place to celebrate the home was unforgettable.

Danny is an advocate for volunteering and invites anyone interested to join whether you have a background in construction or not! “You don't have to know carpentry to volunteer. You can learn on the job,” said Danny. “You will soon see results of your work, and I believe any volunteer would enjoy working with the regular volunteers."