Staff Spotlight: NaCole Harris-Massengill

By: Ben Clifton NaCole has years of experience making her passion of bettering the lives of families the driving force of her career. She joined the Habitat family in August of 2011, as the Family Services Manager after previously working for the Department of Children’s Services for eight years.

NaCole spoke at a meeting on Children’s Abuse and Neglect in 2008, where she met a representative from Habitat for Humanity. The Habitat representative spoke about the organization’s program and mission, and it was there that NaCole connected with Habitat, seeing that this was an outlet that could meet the needs of her clients. “What appealed to me about Habitat was the opportunity to continue to work with families in bettering themselves, breaking the cycle of poverty, learning to budget and achieving their dream of owning their own home,” says NaCole.

Though her job description changed, the passion remained the same after seeing the needs of clients in her former career come to fulfillment in her current position. “Having families tell me they want a place that their children can thrive and have stability and seeing them put forth the effort to make it happen is what keeps me here,” she says.

“I cannot find the words to adequately describe what an outstanding job NaCole does in working with our homeowners,” said Chip Willis. “She is a mentor, a coach, a friend, and a voice of reason when they need it. She is always happy to help any other staff member when they need assistance, offering a warm smile as she jumps right into action. NaCole is truly an asset to Habitat.”