Sponsor Spotlight: First Cumberland Presbyterian Church

by Brenda Palmisano First Cumberland Presbyterian Church has been a part of Cleveland for over 100 years. The mission of the church is “Lifting up Christ, Building up people,” a mantra that drives their work in the community.

As a long-standing institution of Cleveland, First Cumberland has partnered with Habitat of Cleveland for over 13 years, during which they have helped sponsor over 10 homes, while donating over $200,000 to Habitat throughout the years. Reverend Jen Newell of First Cumberland Presbyterian loves  to partner with Habitat as an outlet to bring love and hope to members of the community

“People recognize the love we have for God by the love that we show for other people, especially people who have nothing to give in return,” Newell said. “The Habitat model encourages families to take responsibility for their lives, to be advocates for themselves and their neighbors, and to walk down a path toward stability and strength, and that's a win for the entire community.”

The congregation of First Cumberland Presbyterian is the true image of servant-hood; never hesitating to fill a need and always finding a creative way to do so. Over the years, they have sponsored houses, volunteered on the job site, provided food for other volunteers, and even hosted fundraisers on behalf of Habitat. The members of First Cumberland Presbyterian simply love to love people, and by partnering with Habitat, they help spread that love throughout our community.