Don Rollens and Chuck Haney Build a Legacy at Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland

Habitat of Cleveland volunteers Don Rollens and Chuck Haney have worked on every Habitat house built in Bradley County since it began in 1990. They have hammered nails, installed windows and hung siding in the heat of summer and the frosty mornings of fall for 27 years while working alongside 131 families as they built a safe and affordable home for their children, their grandchildren and themselves.

When volunteers get involved with Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland, they help hardworking, low-income families build the strength, stability and independence they need to create a better life for themselves and their children. Affordable housing is out of reach for many of our community’s hardworking families and a full-time job is no guarantee that a family can afford a decent place to live.

To continue working toward a world where everyone has a safe place to live, a legacy fund has been created in honor of Rollens’ volunteerism. “Don has been a part of building every Habitat home in Cleveland. His health will not allow him to continue building, but the new fund  will allow his legacy to continue through sponsoring a portion of every future Habitat home built through our affiliate,” said Tyler Bramlett, Construction Director. “Giving of his time, talent and passion to help build over 130 homes is a legacy that will live on for years. His impact has changed lives and will continue to change lives for generations to come. We are blessed to know Don, and he will always be part of the Habitat family”.

The Don Rollens Legacy Fund kicked off in November with the Habitat volunteer construction crew making the first donations. “It is an honor to have a Habitat Legacy fund named for me. The 27 years that I have been associated with Habitat for Humanity as a volunteer have been very satisfying and rewarding. Just knowing that you are able to help someone else have a better life is what it is all about. Even though I will no longer be able to volunteer on the construction crew, I intend to continue to provide whatever support I can to Habitat,” said Rollens.

The fund is accepting donations now with no limit to the amount. “We don't want to limit what the community would like to do each year to support the Don Rollens Legacy Fund. No matter the gift, large or small, the funds will go toward building homes and helping hard-working families. Don will continue to touch each home through your generous gifts,” said Tammy Johnson, Executive Director. Donations to the fund can be made online at or through the mail to PO Box 303 Cleveland, TN 37364.

Chuck Haney has also made an impact on over 130 families as a construction crew volunteer and Crew Leader. As a seasoned veteran, Haney often leads small groups at the job sites. His legacy will continue in the form of a workshop built in the ReStore. The workshop will be used as a place to prebuild home components, train future Crew Leaders and as an area for volunteer groups to do construction related projects.

“Chuck is one of the hardest workers I know.  He will do anything that’s asked of him without hesitation.  He will not stop until the mission is accomplished.  I’m a better person for knowing him.  We all are,” said Tyler Bramlett.

The Chuck Haney workshop will stand as a reminder to ReStore shoppers that their purchases help Habitat provide decent and affordable homes to families in Bradley County.

“Chuck has been with Habitat since its beginning days,” said Tammy Johnson. “He's committed, dedicated and a faithful worker. He shows up and continues to work hard on each home and this directly impacts every homeowner in the Habitat program. It's our privilege to honor Chuck by naming our new construction workshop after him”.

The workshop can be seen at the ReStore located on 300 Grove Ave SW Monday through Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00PM.  

Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland seeks to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build and repair homes, communities and hope.