A Small Seed of Faith: Tami Croft

By: Elizabeth Sheeks, Habitat PR Intern “All some people need is just a little seed of faith – someone who believes in them. Habitat is just that. It’s that faith that keeps me coming back.”

Tami Croft is no stranger to Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland. She started off as a homeowner in the Habitat program and decided to give back to Habitat for Humanity by volunteering in many roles. She became a family advocate, began serving on the Family Selection Committee and and is currently serving as the front desk receptionist. Croft continues to pour out endless time into the families that are part of our program through her great work as a volunteer.

About ten years ago, Tami Croft and her family were accepted into the Habitat Homeowner program. She completed all of the sweat equity hours and took part in all of the education classes that the program requires before you can own your own home. Once Tami and her two children moved into their home, she knew her involvement with Habitat was not supposed to end there.

“I don’t come from wealth, but that is not the only thing it takes to give back. I knew that I was passionate about giving back to Habitat – so I’ve tried to do that.”

Croft serves at Habitat Tuesday through Friday in the administrative offices and as a family advocate full-time. Most often she spends her weekends and evenings helping Habitat for Humanity’s community outreach efforts at different schools, campuses and surrounding areas with our Family Services Coordinator, NaCole Harris-Massengill.

Tami is one of the most dedicated and faithful family advocates that Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland has had the privilege to work with. She greets every homeowner she works with with the upmost care and intentionality. She walks with them from the beginning process of qualifying for a home, all the way through the move-in to help with any questions, suggestions and simply to be a guide. In almost every case Tami becomes one of their most treasured friends.

“I just get so excited for these families. I have been through the exact process that all of these families embark on; I can relate which makes it so much more rewarding. I’m not there to tell them what to do or not to do. I just want them to know someone is always fighting for them. I aim to be their friend, and I continue to plant the seed of faith that Habitat started.”

Through one conversation with Tami, it is so easy to see the pure joy and emotion that radiates to anyone that is around. There is something special about someone that chooses to spend their time giving back to others, and putting God’s love into action.Tami Croft is one of the best examples of exactly that.

“Habitat believed in me and now all I want to do is be a part of that same process for someone else, because my life was forever changed.” -Tami Croft