Meet Marvin, Shiloh and Kainaan White. Originally from Hazard Kentucky, Marvin has lived in Cleveland since 2014 while Shiloh has lived here since 2010. Marvin works at Coca-Cola and Shiloh is a stay at home mom.

 “I love working at Coca-Cola because it keeps me busy,” said Marvin. “I would love to be full time though.”

The White family attends Lighthouse Church International where Mitchell Wright is pastor. Kainaan is two years old and loves Sunday school and playing the drums. As a family they love playing the guitar, listening to music, watching wrestling and attending church. “We would love for people to know we are Christians,” they said, “we love God and our family.”

Marvin and Shiloh have a few family members in the Cleveland area including, Shiloh’s mom, sister, brother-in-law and nephew. Currently they live with Shiloh’s mom in a crowded two-bedroom apartment.

“Having our own home means to have stability for our family and a place for Kainaan and our future children to grow up,” said Shiloh. “Even though the sweat equity hours are the hardest part of the process, it is WORTH IT. Habitat for Humanity means everything to us.”