Eyvonne vance was born in Chattanooga and is the oldest girl of six siblings. “Mom and dad provided us with a good life,” said Eyvonne when asked about how she grew up. She moved to Cleveland in 1993 and started a good job at Bishop Bakery where she worked for a year. She also worked at M&M Mars for two years and Peytons from 1996-2015. Eyvonne took early retirement in 2015 due to a back injury. She loved her job as a repack person though.

“I just love life and I am grateful for my life,” said Eyvonne. She has two grown children, Taretha and Talaine. Her family loves to share meals together and laugh a lot. They also like to plan trips to go on together.

Eyvonne attends Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Cleveland where Reverend Edward Robinson is pastor. “I hope to have groups over from church and host meetings once I have my new home,” said Eyvonne.

Currently, she lives in an apartment where her rent continues to increase and she is living on a fixed income. She wants a place to live that is safe for her family to visit and free from the influence of drugs. Eyvonne babysits her grandchildren and hopes to have a safe space for them to play outside. She believes in hard work and believes the Habitat process is not hard because it is such a huge blessing to her. “Take the hard out of it and just do it,” is her life’s motto. “This is an opportunity for a new home, peace of mind and a blessing that my heart has longed for. It is a blessing from God. I have  never owned a home before and this means so much to me.