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Build dates: July 10 - September 25

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Anthea Blair Family

Anthea Blair Family

The journey from a tent to a real home at first took a few “baby steps,” but in Anthea Blair’s case the trek was a “go” in a relatively short time. When she and her three children left her husband they lived in a tent for about three months during the summer of that year. Anthea was determined to not depend on anyone else. She wanted to be sure that she would never go back to a situation that caused her to prefer a tent over the home she once had.

A friend of her brother had what she described as an old run-down trailer on a piece of property he owned. The trailer needed to be gutted but the owner said that if she was willing to fix it up, she could buy it from him. So she paid to have it fixed as much as possible. The family patched walls and tried to fix leaks. Their washroom is part of the pantry.  The trailer has two bedrooms. Blair’s father converted a large closet space into a "bedroom" for her son Ryan, age 17. Blair’s two daughters, Delia, age 15 and Abigail, 14 share one of the bedrooms. With a leaky roof, the family battles a constant mold problem.

Blair has worked as a teacher’s aide for the last three years with children that have behavioral issues, grades K through five. She loves her job simply because the children she works with need understanding and support. “A lot of people just don’t understand where these kids are coming from,” she said. They need a loving structure that they don’t seem to get.” 

One of her student’s mother was already in the Habitat program and passed the information on to Anthea. After applying, to her surprise, the process moved very quickly after completing the detailed application, a personal interview and a home visit.

Anthea's path accelerated and she was soon told that she would be able to purchase a Habitat home in 2021. Then to her surprise, that date was moved up to 2020. The family rejoiced and their prayers have been answered. "This was the grace of God that everything fell into place and one of the greatest moments, next to having my kids."

She has a lot of support from her church and family to help her the rest of the way in her steps toward freedom, safety and home ownership. “It's not about me having a nice decent home," she said. "I want a home for my kids. It's something they deserve. What we went through has made us stronger and it's led us to something that's going to be so great for us. I'm so grateful for this and I'm really thankful for opportunities like this for people like me, that just want to do more and better for their families."