Legacy of Faith Build

Honoring legacy and faith partners, along with construction volunteers

Build dates: March 6 - May 2

By donating a minimum $1,000 “Pay-to-Play” sponsorship you will secure one volunteer shift for up to ten people. We offer two choices for your shift from 8:00 am - Noon or Noon - 4:00 pm. Higher level sponsors will be offered additional build shifts along with maximum visibility across multiple media channels.


You can register a team to volunteer on a build day for the Legacy Build. Each team must have a Team Leader that contacts Habitat’s Volunteer Services Manager, LaManda Bowers (lbowers@habitatofcleveland.org) to submit the name of your team. Once your build day is reserved, each volunteer must register individually using the link below.

*Please email LaManda Bowers the Team Name before registering in order to keep the process as smooth as possible.*

Sheila Smith

Sheila Smith

Sheila Smith is full of life, laughter and ambition. She loves spending time with family including her grown children, a daughter and son, and her 12-year-old grandson, Ethan. Originally from Cleveland, Sheila considers this her home, even though she lived in Texas and South Pittsburg for over 12 years before returning.

Sheila has had a variety of work experience throughout her life, having lived in various places. After a divorce, she was determined to make a new life for her and her children. She bought an old “fixer upper” house and they helped renovate and made it into a real home. In 2007, she became disabled after working in a carpet mill for 17 years, which prevented her from continuing her career. She then had to sell her home.

She currently lives in an apartment complex with multiple issues that keep her from living the full life she desires. Her apartment has mold issues, a broken refrigerator, little space, and neighbors she can hear day and night.

An acquaintance mentioned Habitat to Sheila one day, and she applied in hopes of bettering her life and changing her current living situation. She was accepted and is now working very hard to complete sweat equity hours, save every penny she can to achieve home ownership and attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace classes in order to pay off debt.

Shelia dreams of the day where she will finally have a beautifully decorated "forever home" with a lovely yard of flowers, backyard cookouts, corn hole games with family and friends and peace all around. She looks forward to making meals for friends and family in her own oven. Sheila adds, “more than making meals, I hope to make warm, lasting memories to pass on to my family and all who visit.”

Sheila says, "I am not sure if I can express how I feel other than I am overjoyed. My grandson and I will be able to play in a yard together, plant flowers and watch them grow for years to come. The day can't get here soon enough. We are so excited, and I am truly blessed!"