Felecia Kelley describes herself as a hardworking, caring and bubbly person.  Her son’s Ayden and Corbin would agree as they too are fun loving, caring kids.  Felecia says she is blessed to be Ayden and Corbin’s mother.  “They have changed my life and they are amazing little boys.”

Felecia and her children have always lived in Cleveland.  Felecia stated that her mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles all live in Cleveland.  We have all the love and support we need right here in Cleveland.

Felecia works at Life Bridges and loves it.  She has even called it her dream job.  She does hope in the future to return to school and pursue a nursing degree.  Ayden ad Corbin attend school at Oak Grove and work hard at maintaining A’s and B’s in all their subjects at Oak Grove Elementary.  Felecia stated that her goal for her children is that they continue to work hard in school and go further in their education than she did.  Felecia and her children enjoy camping, riding through the mountains and spending time with their whole family. 

Felecia and her children have been living with her grandmother, Mary, for several years.  Felecia was in an abusive relationship with her children’s father and was able to get away after several years.  She came to live with her grandmother to help her during a time of illness, other health issues and financial issues too and was unable to eat monthly after paying bills but it was her grandmother that helped her when she had no place to go.  Living in her grandmother’s three-bedroom house with her and her roommate is overcrowded.  Ayden and Corbin share the third bedroom while Felecia sleeps on the couch.  Felecia stated that by living with her grandmother she has helped with the boys when she has worked two jobs and worked night shift.  Felecia learned about Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland from her cousin Penny Thurmond who received her home back in 2008.  Felecia stated that she helped Penny with her sweat equity hours and believes that the homeownership program is not a hand out but is something you have to work for.  Felecia believes that all good things are earned through hard work and I am willing to work for our home.  “This home will be a stable place for my boys to grow up in and call home.”