Photo by Nicodemus Photography

Photo by Nicodemus Photography

Victor Headrick is originally from Ringgold, Georgia. He moved to Cleveland about 20 years ago with his mother and stepfather. 

His passion for music, art and entertainment runs deep, and he has worked most of his career in this field.

His dream job was put on hold when Victor needed more stable employment and decided to work at Amazon and then DHL.

Victor is the proud father to two children. His daughter Victoria is twenty-two and a full time student at Cleveland State Community College. His son Ethan is nine years old and attends school at Stuart Elementary.

Victor and Ethan love spending time together doing art projects, playing video games, skateboarding, exercising and playing music. Ethan also loves animals. They have several family members that live in the area, including Victor's mother, father, brothers and a sister.

For the last nine years, Victor and Ethan have lived in a tiny 600 square foot, one-bedroom cramped apartment. They often struggle with having black mold growing in their closets and on the windows. The foundation of the apartment is in need of repair. As a result, windows and doors are hard to open and close. Living in an apartment in close proximity to their neighbors has also been challenging with the noise level and lack of privacy.

Victor applied for a Habitat home and is very grateful to be accepted into the program. He was born during the Carter Administration and heard all his life about the work of Habitat and how it provides families more stability. He is currently working to complete his sweat equity hours, while being a single parent and working a full time job. He is very thankful for Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland. Victor said, "I think Habitat is an absolute miracle, and I can’t believe I am a part of it. Having a solid foundation for my son and I means the world to me."