The Aging In Place (AIP) Program offered by Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland completes accessibility enhancements, energy efficiency improvements and critical home repairs that are necessary to enable senior citizens to move around safely inside their homes and complete the routines of daily living. By doing this, the program hopes to help Bradley County senior citizens continue to live in their own homes longer and maintain their independence.

The work done for applicants accepted during the November 16, 2018 call-in application period will focus on critical repairs and accessibility needs, with other work done as budget allows. There is a tight timeframe for a limited number of applicants to be accepted and work to be completed, so applicants must have all documentation available immediately and will be accepted on a first-qualified, first-served basis.


You may qualify for the AIP Program if you meet all of the following criteria:

I own and live in my home full time.(1)

I own no property other than my home.

I am age 60 or older.

My home is in Bradley County, Tennessee.

The city and county property taxes on my home are current.(2)

The mortgage on my home is current(2) or there is no mortgage, and there are no liens on my home.

My home needs work that falls within the services and budget of the program.

I meet the income guidelines for the program, based on my income and the income of everyone else who lives in my home. (Will be determined after the call-in date with Habitat.)

I have proof of ownership of the property.

All owners listed on the property deed will be available and sign ALL documents.

I can provide documentation to prove identity, age, residency and income for myself and everyone else who lives in my home.(3)

All of my information matches across all documents or I have proof that differing information is correct.(4)

(1) Rental properties are NOT eligible to receive assistance through this program.

(2) “Current” means you are not being charged any interest, fees or penalties on an outstanding balance OR you are meeting all the conditions of an agreed payment plan.

(3) Documents you need to provide might include: a driver’s license or other government issued ID, birth certificate, utility bill, 2 consecutive pay stubs within the past 30 days, mortgage papers, Social Security income statement, retirement/pension and/or bank statements. 

(4) Proof of name change, marriage license, divorce decree, death certificate, etc.


Applications are completed over the phone. Due to the limited number of slots for this application period, we will NOT accept any walk-in applications. ALL applications must go through the AIP hotline. To apply, call the AIP hotline at 423-476-6947 ext. 302 starting at 9 a.m. on Friday, November 16, 2018 and leave a message with your name, address and phone number. You must leave this information in order to receive a call back to complete an application. No messages will be taken before 9 a.m. Application slots will fill up quickly, so be sure to call right at 9 a.m. and expect that you may need to call multiple times to get through.

Please check our website and the AIP phone line for future application dates.