In the wild, many animals join together in a circle to protect the vulnerable among them. They close in tight and wait for danger to pass. Elephants surround mothers as they give birth to protect them from lions and hyenas. In the ocean, dolphins surround their young as they swim in order to keep them from danger. They see the importance of protecting their pack until they can protect themselves. In many ways, Habitat of Cleveland is a circle that surrounds families during vulnerable times in their lives. 

Hardworking families in our community live on the edge of homelessness and are unable to provide a safe home for their children to thrive. They work hard and do their best, but sometimes they need a circle of protection while they are working out of their vulnerable spot. Habitat’s circle includes education on how to manage the resources they already have, an advocate that walks the path towards homeownership with them and sponsors/volunteers who give of their time and resources.

The circle at Habitat comes together to protect vulnerable families as they work hard to change their lives forever. We build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter to ensure that families will be safe for generations to come. 

Will you consider joining our circle because there are families in need of a safe home? We are asking for 500 people to commit to raising $500 this year. Let's circle up and surround our families with protection by raising $250,000 and fully funding three homes in 2018. 

You can ask friends to join you in giving, sign up for a monthly amount of $41.66 to reach the $500 mark or give it all at once. Your small business can join too!

By adding your $500 tax deductible gift to the circle, it is multiplied 500 times and will allow you to partner with the Vance, White and Headrick families as they build a safe and secure future.  

Will you join the circle today?

500 Circle Membership

Partner with Habitat’s Women Build event by joining the 500 Circle of 500 people raising $500 to commemorate Women Build’s 5th year. Pledge to raise $500 dollars to fight poverty and homelessness in Bradley County. You will have your name listed in the Home Dedication program as a 500 Circle member, receive an exclusive 500 Circle pin, be featured on our website and have the chance to make a lasting change in our community. You can sign up for a monthly donation of $41.66 or give a lump sum of $500 to become a circle member. 

Gifts can be made to Habitat of Cleveland PO Box 303 Cleveland, TN 37364 or below!