Meet the Basora Family

Jose and Rhina Basora are originally from the Dominican Republic, but they made Cleveland their home 8 years ago. They moved from New York to Cleveland for a better living environment for their children.

Jose is a quiet and happy person. He describes his wife Rhina as a very happy person, too! Jose enjoys technology and his dream job would be to work with an organization in their networking department. Rhina currently works for Cleveland City Schools as a nutrition specialist, but her dream job would be to work as an ultrasound technician with an OB/GYN or hospital. Rhina loves to garden while Jose, Sr. loves to read. Their children Jose, Jr. and Jesse are smart and active. The boys attend Cleveland Middle School, and they study piano, clarinet and trombone. They are also members of the Youth Choir at their church. The Basora family love to go to the park together and spend quality time with each other.

The family states that they have goals that they work on together that include working hard to have their own house.  They all work together to make sure that the kids obtain a good education and keeping their faith in God. Jose and Rhina are united in making homeownership a reality for their family. They first heard of Habitat for Humanity through the person who prepares their income taxes and then another very good friend gave them more details about Habitat and they applied. They stated that becoming a Habitat Partner family is a great opportunity to receive a new home at an affordable price. In regards to performing sweat equity hours the Basora family stated that this gives them the opportunity to support a great program, give back and be a part of building their own home. “In order to complete our sweat equity hours, Habitat has been very understanding, flexible and willing to find ways of helping us complete our hours,” said Rhina.

The Basora family looks forward to getting into their new home. They are working hard on their sweat equity hours and are eager to complete home maintenance classes as they are ready to make improvements to their own home when needed and have their own garden. “It is exciting to think about becoming homeowners and Habitat is a great program that is giving us the opportunity to do so,” said Jose.